Inspiring Innovation at Cisco Live Las Vegas 2024

Being in the technology industry means we’ve all had a front-row seat to witness tectonic shifts such as the inception of the internet and now Cisco will impact that level of change again. This will happen with Cisco-driven Artificial Intelligence, which will be on full display at Cisco Live in Las Vegas!

To assist you in this journey at Cisco Live, and beyond, is the Partner Launch Experience. This curated launch experience takes you through all the exciting announcements. You should consider four big topics, whether participating in Cisco Live or using the Partner Launch Experience: Cisco Networking Cloud, Cisco and Splunk, Cisco-Partner AI Opportunity, and Cisco Hypershield.

Cisco Networking Cloud empowers you to provide solutions and derive actionable insights for your customers. It seamlessly integrates data, AI, security, control, and infrastructure across owned and unowned parts of the global area network to deliver:

  • Simplified AI-Native operations: Efficiently scale support and drive business resilience by unifying and automating operations.
  • Digital Experience Assurance: Provide AI insights, recommendations, and automated operations, all aimed at delivering flawless digital experiences by leveraging device and telemetry data from the entire digital infrastructure.
  • End-to-end Secure Networking: Ensure consistent policy enforcement and automatic security measures by integrating networking and security.

More details about new networking technology introductions can be found in the Global Launch Hub.

Combines industry-leading network data with the industry’s best security and observability solutions to create a market-defining category.

The acquisition of Splunk will enable Cisco to provide even more value to our customers and contribute to greater profitability and growth for you. As a Cisco partner, you can capture new, high-value, mission-critical service revenue by designing, deploying, upgrading, and managing Splunk technology with your differentiated services. You can add your unique value by building on the open architecture of Splunk and Cisco, creating additional revenue by developing and licensing innovative new applications.

Integration has already started with the RSA announcement of Cisco XDR and Splunk SIEM. I encourage you to learn more about the exciting Cisco and Splunk developments at Cisco Live and on the Partner Launch Experience.

We are all looking forward to capturing the AI opportunity, which is being driven by customers who want automation and need infrastructure to power data models.

Cisco will be your partner in understanding these opportunities to power AI applications and workflows while practicing responsible AI governance. At the core is a networking and cloud infrastructure that will become your AI Data Center fabric – the same core capabilities you have trusted for years and will now scale to meet all your customer’s AI needs. To get started, partners can explore the AI Fundamentals training to understand Cisco’s AI strategy.

We were proud to learn that CRN recently recognized Cisco as a top 25 contributor to AI innovation.

Cisco Hypershield revolutionizes security across both on-premises and cloud environments, empowering organizations to protect modern applications more effectively. This groundbreaking product features a new distributed architecture integrating network and workload enforcement points under a unified management system. Software and policy updates can be completed confidently using our dual dataplane approach, enabling safe testing on live traffic without risking your operations. Simply put, Cisco Hypershield is a truly distributed, revolutionary, AI-native first-generation platform that places security where needed: in every software component of every application running on your network, server, and public or private cloud deployments.

In addition, there are plenty of other relevant topics and announcements to explore at Cisco Live and on the Partner Launch Experience.

We all can go on this journey together. To carve out our place in what will certainly be history-making. Cisco and our partners are truly making this a Better Together moment!




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