Get Ready for more Cisco Software and Solutions on Google Cloud Marketplace

Cisco is expanding its presence on Google Cloud Marketplace! Starting with Cisco Secure Workload and Cisco Multicloud Defense, Cisco is working with Google to grow the number of transactable solutions offered on the marketplace. Stay tuned for more coming in FY25.

Our Senior Vice President and Chief Product Officer for Cisco Security, Raj Chopra, highlights the significance of this expanding collaboration with Google Cloud:

“This will enable our customers and partners to have direct access to Cisco’s platforms for securing cloud-native environments. This will help organizations achieve efficient and effective security outcomes using the best tools available to them.”

Ramping up our presence on Google Cloud Marketplace reflects Cisco’s adaptive approach to market preferences and the company’s commitment to achieving customer outcomes. We expect sales of our cloud-based solutions on the platform to continue to expand in the coming years, generating significant opportunity and cementing Cisco’s status as one of the world’s largest software companies.

“Bringing Cisco to Google Cloud Marketplace will help customers quickly deploy, manage, and grow the security solutions on Google Cloud’s trusted, global infrastructure,” said Dai Vu, Managing Director, Marketplace & ISV GTM Programs at Google Cloud. “Cisco can now securely scale and support customers on their digital transformation journeys.”

The benefits of this expansion extend to our channel partners as well. By making advanced SaaS more readily available on the marketplace, Cisco and Google Cloud partners can tap into existing customer commitment agreements with Google Cloud Marketplace to easily procure Cisco’s industry-leading solutions.

According to our Security Chief Revenue Officer, Emma Carpenter:

“Enabling channel partner participation is a cornerstone of our business.  With this expanded partnership with Google Cloud, we are empowering partners with the tools and opportunities to succeed in an increasingly cloud-first world.”

Looking at the numbers, the growth of cloud marketplaces is truly remarkable. According to Canalys, global sales of third-party vendor software and services through cloud marketplaces are expected to hit US$45 billion by 2025, with close to a third of online marketplace transactions involving channel partners during this time.

As Alastair Edwards, Chief Analyst at Canalys puts it:

“This expansion of Cisco’s market reach supports the evolving trend of customers turning to cloud marketplaces to procure a wide range of software products and solutions, fuelled by the ability to use their committed cloud spend.”

Stay tuned for more updates as Cisco expands its presence on Google Cloud Marketplace, taking another step towards a more efficient and secure digital future for our customers and partners.  Thank you for your continued partnership and support.

Let’s keep innovating and driving success in a cloud-first world! Come see us at the Google Cloud booth (#6257) at Cisco Live! 



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