AWS named a Leader in IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Analytic Stream Processing Software 2024 Vendor Assessment

We’re thrilled to announce that AWS has been named a Leader in the IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Analytic Stream Processing Software 2024 Vendor Assessment (doc #US51053123, March 2024).

We believe this recognition validates the power and performance of Apache Flink for real-time data processing, and how AWS is leading the way to help customers build and run fully managed Apache Flink applications. You can read the full report from IDC.

Unleashing real-time insights for your organization

Apache Flink’s robust architecture enables real-time data processing at scale, making it a favored choice among organizations for its efficiency and speed. With its advanced features for event time processing and state management, Apache Flink empowers users to build complex stream processing applications, making it indispensable for modern data-driven organizations. Managed Service for Apache Flink takes the complexity out of Apache Flink deployment and management, letting you focus on building game-changing applications. With Managed Service for Apache Flink, you can transform and analyze streaming data in real time using Apache Flink and integrate applications with other AWS services. There are no servers and clusters to manage, and there is no compute and storage infrastructure to set up. You pay only for the resources you use.

But what does this mean for your organizations and IT teams? The following are some use cases and benefits:

  • Faster insights, quicker action – Analyze data streams as they arrive, allowing you to react promptly to changing conditions and make informed decisions based on the latest information, achieving agility and competitiveness in dynamic markets.
  • Real-time fraud detection – Identify suspicious activity the moment it occurs, enabling proactive measures to protect your customers and revenue from potential financial losses, bolstering trust and security in your business operations.
  • Personalized customer interactions – Gain insights from user behavior in real time, enabling personalized experiences and the ability to proactively address potential issues before they impact customer satisfaction, fostering loyalty and enhancing brand reputation.
  • Data-driven optimization – Utilize real-time insights from sensor data and machine logs to streamline processes, identify inefficiencies, and optimize resource allocation, driving operational excellence and cost savings while maintaining peak performance.
  • Advanced AI – Continuously feed real-time data to your machine learning (ML) and generative artificial intelligence (AI) models, allowing them to adapt and personalize outputs for more relevant and impactful results.

Beyond the buzzword: Apache Flink in action

Apache Flink’s versatility extends beyond single use cases. The following are just a few examples of how our customers are taking advantage of its capabilities:

  • The National Hockey League is the second oldest of the four major professional team sports leagues in North America. Predicting events such as face-off winning probabilities during a live game is a complex task that requires processing a significant amount of quality historical data and data streams in real time. The NHL constructed the Face-off Probability model using Apache Flink. Managed Service for Apache Flink provides the underlying infrastructure for the Apache Flink applications, removing the need to self-manage an Apache Flink cluster and reducing maintenance complexity and costs.
  • Arity is a technology company focused on making transportation smarter, safer, and more useful. They transform massive amounts of data into actionable insights to help partners better predict risk and make smarter decisions in real time. Arity uses the managed ability of Managed Service for Apache Flink to transform and analyze streaming data in near real time using Apache Flink. On Managed Service for Apache Flink, Arity generates driving behavior insights based on collated driving data.
  • SOCAR is the leading Korean mobility company with strong competitiveness in car sharing. SOCAR solves mobility-related social problems, such as parking difficulties and traffic congestion, and changes the car ownership-oriented mobility habits in Korea.

Join the leaders in stream processing

By choosing Managed Service for Apache Flink, you’re joining a growing community of organizations who are unlocking the power of real-time data analysis. Get started today and see how Apache Flink can transform your data strategy, including powering the next generation of generative AI applications.

Ready to learn more?

Contact us today and discover how Apache Flink can empower your business.

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Anna Montalat is the Product Marketing lead for AWS analytics and streaming data services, including Amazon Managed Streaming for Apache Kafka (MSK), Kinesis Data Streams, Kinesis Video Streams, Amazon Data Firehose, and Amazon Managed Service for Apache Flink, among others. She is passionate about bringing new and emerging technologies to market, working closely with service teams and enterprise customers. Outside of work, Anna skis through winter time and sails through summer.

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